The Best (and cheap) Bali Beach Bungalows

Bali beach bungalow

Bali beach bungalow has become tourists favorite. Tourists prefer to choose this kind beach accommodation because of its strategic location. Beside cheaper, tourists still able to see the beauty of beach scenery.

Kuta Beach is the most famous Bali beach. There are many tourist accommodation facilities in this area and full booked almost all the time. Kuta beach bungalows is the best option for tourists who like the Bali’s nightlife. One of Kuta beach bungalows which could be a good accommodation choice is Melasti Beach Resort & Spa. This bungalow is situated at Dewi Sartika street, Kuta Bali, just five minutes from the airport and close to the crowd such as Bali Waterbom, Centro mall, and many other places at Kuta area.

If tired, you can also relax in Melasti spa facility. Because its location is right on the beach, this bungalow is perfect for watching the beautiful sunset. But I heard that some guests commented this Kuta beach bungalows always crowded because located on a busy street area. For those who want to know about this bungalow you can contact the phone line +62 361 751335 or email at

For tourists who like the Sanur traditional-style village, they can find some attractive bungalows near the Sanur beach. One of Sanur beach bungalows is Alit’s Beach Bungalow. Its located at 41st Hangtuah Street, Sanur, phone +62 361 1288567. This Bali beach bungalow building filled with Balinese architecture, with ancient ethnic theme combined with tropical trees and colorful flowers. If you like a place that has ethnicity theme, Alit Beach Bungalow is suitable for you.

Another amazing bungalow that you can choose namely Mushroom Lembongan Beach Bungalows. This bungalow is located at Tanjung Sanghyang Bay, Lembongan Island, Nusa Penida. This bungalow area is very beautiful, Sanghyang Bay is one of the best beaches on Lembongan island (a small island near Bali). The bungalow buildings are not fancy, but they have a very adequate rooms, with facilities that allow you to watch sunset every evening.

If you want to stay near Nusa Dua beach, you can try Matahari Terbit Bungalow. This bungalow is located at Pratama street, Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua. This Bali beach bungalow location is far away from the crowd so this place is quiet and private. For those who want a private accommodation bungalows on Bali beach, then Matahari Terbit Bungalow is perfect for you. Even the bungalow room is small, but many tourists said that they are satisfied with the service, the staff is so friendly. For more information about this bungalow, you can try to contact the phone number +62 361 771 019.

Beside that three bungalows, also you can consider some other bungalows below:

  1. Lotus Bungalow , which is located at Candidasa beach, their phone number +62 363 41104
  2. Agung Bungalow, which located at Candidasa beach, their phone number +62 363 41535
  3. Fajar Candidasa Bungalow, which located at Candidasa highway, Klungkung. Their phone number +62 363 41538.


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    where can i find cheap/discounted authentic designer bags in Bali? brands like gucci, burberry, louis vuitton, and prada.

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