Cheap Flights to Bali, Some Suggestions

Cheap flights to Bali

Bali Island is an island tourist destination because of the beautiful scenery, charming beaches and traditional culture. Therefore, people all over the world want to visit Bali. Because of that the ticket prices at a certain time become very expensive, especially before the Christmas holiday and The New Year.

To get cheap flights to Bali you can go to Bali at the right moment in which the holiday season in June or July. Or you can avoid the peak season where ticket prices more expensive comparing with daily flight to Ngurah Rai, the Bali airport. But don’t worry about the prices and cost while in Bali. Bali currency is “Rupiah“, same with Indonesian currency. Rupiah has very low value compared than USD, Euro, or AUD.  It is mean everything is cheap while in Bali, including food and accommodation. Some best and cheap hotel near Bali airport that you can choose namely Bali Prani Hotel, Harris Hotel Tuban, and The Alit Hotel. Click here to find more hotels near Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Balinese people are predominantly as Hinduism that has many ceremonies. Galungan and Kuningan is the most important feast of Balinese people who come every 6 months in February or March and in October or November each year, therefore at that time usually a lot of tourists coming to Bali temple. You must book tickets in advance to get cheap Bali flights. Nyepi also usually in mid-March is not advisable to go to Bali, because all activities including flight activity was stopped for 1 day.

Bali flightsTo get a flight to Bali airport is easy. Many airlines provide flights to Bali directly or must transit through other cities. For you that live in Southeast Asian countries like Japan, Singapore, Hongkong or Malaysia you can use a direct flight to Denpasar, without having to transit to Jakarta first. The airline that provides airline is Singapore Airlines, Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific, and Malaysia Airlines. As for those of you who are in Pacific countries such as Darwin and Perth you can use the Garuda Indonesia.

When you want flight from Amsterdam to Bali, you can use KLM-Royal Dutch Airlines from Amsterdam to Jakarta as the primary objective then you are will be connected to Denpasar with Garuda Indonesia. With a more expensive price, the Cathay Pacific provides flights to Denpasar via Hong Kong who then proceed to Bali. You can also via Singapore and then to Singapore Airlines in connecting to Denpasar. Similarly, other Asian countries like Thailand with Thai Airways from Bangkok, Malaysia Airlines from Kuala Lumpur and then connect to Denpasar.

Flights to Bali from United States can be obtained from Los Angeles to Singapore or Hong Kong and then you can get a connection flight to Bali with the same flight. When you are use flights from New York to Singapore and then directly connected to Denpasar with Singapore Airlines.

For any other city in Europe or the United States can be seen through They provide a service ticket with a fairly cheap price according to the season is happening right now. You can check as listed flight to Denpasar (DPS) not check out with flights to Bali from the cities of your country.

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