Beach Vacation in Bali

Bali beach vacation

Beaches is one type of festive but cheap tourist destinations in Bali. Among the beaches, the most famous is Kuta. A shore with an exotic white sand and waves that suitable for surfers. But there are many more best beaches than Kuta. Sanur is one of them. This tourism attraction located on the east coast. Sanur is a good place to see the sunrise. Its strategic location plus the natural atmosphere also the traditional feel make Sanur to be one of the famous Bali beach. Many artists spent time in Sanur because of the typical characteristics. There are also a bike and jogging paths, which extends to Mekarsari area. In addition, some water sports such as diving and snorkeling, also canoes also can be enjoyed at Sanur.

Bali beach holidaysOther best beach in Bali is Dreamland. As the name suggests, this beach is like a dream beach. Located at Pecatu Graha Indah area, you can see the various beautiful sights as to the beach. You will pass the road flanked by two large rock. Dreamland beach also has a big waves. Initially Dreamland is a private beach for surfers and untouched until mid-2003, but now this beach has grown into one of the Bali’s famous beach. Now, It’s built so many hotels and tourist facilities.

There is also another Bali beach vacation. Padang-padang Beach has a little difficult path but challenging. You will get a unique sensation of entering the cave by entering the tiny crevices between the rocks. Small humans-made path and can only be entered by one person. The beach is also filled with large rocks which good to be a photograph objects. Plus a bright-green water colors beach that very attractive to be a wedding photograph objects.

For who want to enjoy the beauty of underwater Bali beach holidays, you should visit Tulamben. The beach is located in the northeastern region of Bali island. Tulamben itself is a small village, which is predominately fishermen. Diving is the most tourists activity in here, almost 100 peoples dive in Tulamben beach every day through the sessions. This makes this region grow.

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  1. Zdjecia says:

    Wonderful beaches. I’ll back to bali soon.

  2. Kosty says:

    Incredible bali vacation post, I truly await up-dates by you.

  3. Mohammad says:

    Lovely bali beach, nice webpage design, keep up the great work

  4. Félix says:

    In aller Regel erhalte ich Tricks hinsichtlich Reisen, die zu kompliziert sind. Dein Blog ist ganz klar 1A zu kapieren! Herzlichen Dank!

  5. Trisha Gotsche says:

    I think this is one of the most important travel information for me. The site style is great..

  6. Janice Visser says:

    I would like to know which is the best beach for swimming and body surfing in Bali in July. I came to bali last year with my husband but the beach (legian) was very dirty with rubbish and I want to convince my husband to come again.Please help with best swimming beaches please

    • IslandTourism says:

      You can try Nusa Dua or some other resorts in Bali. Legian and Kuta at some seasons will be very dirty because a lot of trash and algae in the sea washed on beach.. 🙂

  7. Nari says:

    Hello, I read somewhere that Dreamland beach doesn’t exist anymore and that Pecatu Indah resort was built exactly where it use to be. Is that right?

    • IslandTourism says:

      The Dreamland is still there 🙂 . Yes, this beach is a part of Pecatu Indah, but this beach is open for public

  8. Alta says:

    I believe we need much more information like this on the internet.
    I should never need to browse through 4 pages of awful google
    listings just to get 1 site which is genuinely appropriate and
    helps me. It’s a travesty I say.

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