Sanur, The Beauty of Sunrise

sanur beach bali

Everyone know about Kuta and Sanur. Both beaches is a famous tourist place. These two beaches are very popular and always visited by every tourist who comes to Bali. The location of Sanur beach situated in the Sanur village, east of the Denpasar city. The location of this beach is very strategic, only a dozen minutes from Denpasar and about thirty minutes from airport. This Bali beach also makes the area around Sanur village grown to international tourist village as today. Sanur also known as the one of VIP destination in Bali.

Because its located at the eastern Bali island, Sanur Bali is an ideal location to enjoy the sunrise. Sunrise in Sanur beach Bali is a very interesting sights, there is even a location on Sanur beach Bali that called “Rising Sun beach” because the scenery at sunrise is very beautiful when seen from there. Because it has a fairly calm waves, this beach is not suitable for surfing.

Bali Sanur beachAt Sanur beach, along the coast is a good place to see the sunrise. Especially now built a kind of tiny huts that can be used as a place to sit and watch sunrise. In addition, the waves at Sanur beach resort is relatively calm so it is not dangerous and suitable for kids. You will see the exotic white sands around the areas. Under the trees shade, visitors can sit while enjoying this beautiful beach.

Along this beach resorts is equipped with tour support like hotels, restaurants or small cafes, and art shops. One of the oldest hotels in Bali are built on this beach. This hotel Sanur beach is named “Ina Grand Bali Beach” that located right on the beach. Another best hotels near sanur beach namely Puri Dalem Sanur Hotel, Mentari Sanur Hotel, Sri Phala Resort & Villa, and Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel. Along the coastline also constructed a pedestrian area that often used as a jogging path by tourists or local people. This jogging path stretched to the south past the Shindu beach, Karang beach until Semawang beach. So, tourists can do exercise while enjoying the beach views.

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