Seminyak & Petitenget Beach, Beauty of Sunset

bali seminyak

Seminyak and petitenget bali beach located on the same coastline with kuta beach. The location of these two beaches are side by side, situated in Badung regency, in the southwest of the Bali island. The distance of these two beaches is also not too far from airport, only about fifteen minutes away. Just like kuta beach, these two Bali beaches also a favorite beach resorts in Bali.

Because in the same coastline, these beaches have similar characteristics with kuta beach. Exotic white sand with a bright of sunshine during the day, the air condition and the climate mostly same. These beaches is directly connected with southern ocean, so Petitenget Bali beach and bali seminyak beach has strong wind. This strong winds led to big waves, so these beach is a suitable place for surfing.

petitenget baliVisitors in these beaches mostly foreign tourists. Along the coastline lined with hotels and villas, also the restaurants, bars, or cafes that full of visitors all day. Visitors will not be difficult to get accommodation here, because the tourist facilities are already built as advanced facilities in Kuta. Some hotel near Seminyak and Petitenget beach namely The Seminyak Beach Resort & Spa, The Legian Bali Hotel, Seminyak Suite Resort, Mutiara Bali Boutique Resort, and Taman Ayu Cottage Hotel.

In the afternoon,  the hotel and villa in seminyak or the bars will be filled by tourists who want to see the beauty of the sunset at the beach. Sunset at these beaches is so beautiful, even more beautiful than Kuta beach as the sun look bigger due to their location further to the west than kuta beach.

These beaches location is less strategic than kuta beach, so visitors are also much less. However, both these beaches have other advantages: more quiet and peaceful. In addition, there is also a sacred temple at Petitenget Bali beach. Namely “Pura Petitenget”, the establishment is still associated with the mythological journey of Nirarta Dang Hyang.

Visiting Bali would not be complete without visiting its beach and watching sunset, if you feel Kuta is too common, then the peace and personality bali seminyak beach and petitenget beach can be a good alternatives.

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  1. Kittelberger says:

    sunset at petitenget beach is awesome, I’ve been there few months ago

  2. Daphne Bodlite says:

    Hello to the one who posted this website! Great work! I spent a month researching for Bali. I’m actually a graduating student. And thanks to you for making my study a lot easier since you compiled the facts i need in this page. — Daphne Bodlite

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