Ubud Monkey Forest


Ubud monkey forest is located in Ubud village, less than 1 km from Ubud village centre, and 26 km from Denpasar. It’s a small forest, dwell by monkeys and is a sacred place because it has a temple inside it. Because it located in Bali Ubud, most visitors are foreign one. But in certain days, moreover in national holidays, it is largely visited by domestic visitors as well.

monkey in ubud monkey forestIn Ubud Monkey Forest, visitors can take a walk in a still natural forest. But they have to be remembered that the visitors may not disturb the animal since they have lived there for so long. Same like at Sangeh Bali, Those monkeys can also bothers, if visitors bring food and unwilling to give it to them if you don’t want to share the food with those monkeys, better hide the food so they wont see it. The monkeys sometimes are aggressive in searching for foods. Click here if you want to get more info about Ubud Monkey Forest at their official website.

ubud monkey forestThe forest has broad approximately 8 hectares and it is next to local cemetery. Hence, visitors are not allowed to do bad things in this sacred place. To enter the area, visitor has to pay IDR 10,000/adult, and IDR 5,000/children. Visitors do not need to worry bout the accommodations as well, since there are many Ubud hotels and villa all the way to monkey forest. There are also restaurants, spa, art shop, and other Bali tourism facility. Some best Ubud hotels are Villa Sujati, Kenanga Boutique Hotel, and Bidadari Private Villas & Retreat. Click here if you want to find more hotels in Ubud area.

To visit this forest, can be done in various means: by bus, car, motorbike, bike, and many visitors choose to walk because many art shops surround the area which are perfect to be visited by foot. But still pay attention to your bag and stuffs from the monkeys.


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