The Nightlife in Bali (Part 2)

Nightlife in Bali


(continued from Legian, The Nightlife of Bali)

If asked about nightlife in Bali, of course, our mind will definitely think about Kuta Bali. Yes, Kuta Bali is synonymous with night life, no wonder because there are a variety of bars, pubs, cafes and discos that always crowd the Bali Kuta nightlife.

Legian street near Kuta Bali is the obvious example of nightlife in Bali. Nightlife in Kuta is identical to the glitter of disco lights and erotic movements. Indonesian girls looks crowded in this area, although mostly of them are immigrant (from Java island or another area of Indonesia) but tourist still considered them as Bali girls. This makes the image of Balinese girls is close to sexuality and eroticism.

Nightlife in BaliLooking for nightlife and glamorous worlds in Kuta area is not difficult. Every taxi driver always ready to take you to the centers of international-class karaoke or clubbing. You also should not be afraid lonely or alone on the disco floor, thousands of people come to Kuta with  same status with you. It is very easy to make a friends in Kuta’s nightlife, just as easily by searching the ‘sexual services’ around here. Bounty Ship, M-BAR-GO, Sky Garden, Paddy’s Club, Hard Rock Café or Maccaroni Club are just a few famous places at Kuta area.

The other famous cafe named Upstream Cafe. This Cafe located in Garlic Lane near Kuta Bali is described as “only the real gay bar of Bali“. It is undeniable that many gays in Kuta. This is supported by the fact that Kuta is a tourist spot a gathering place for tourists abroad, people around the world with different personalities gathered here, coupled with its free life of Kuta make this community survive.

Only Kuta Bali? Apparently not! Almost all the beaches in Bali also offers night life in addition to the water attractions and the beautiful Bali beach.

Seminyak is the second beach where tourists can find an unforgettable nightlife and famous pubs. KU DE TA is the most famous nightlife of Seminyak. Its location just adjacent to one of Bali’s beaches and the famous hotel, the Oberoi. KU DE TA is the place to see and be seen where the DJ has begun the party since afternoon. This place is also a good point to watch sunset.

In addition to Kuta and Seminyak area, Nusa Dua is also an interesting place. The area is not only famous for its Bali hotel, but also boasts world-class discotheques and pubs, but their location is deep in hotels. You will not get the crowds in the street as seen in Kuta, or girls who get drunk in the street. Nightlife in Nusa Dua bit more elegant and gentle, although the situation in the hotel was no different to the hustle of Kuta.

Sanur area is a place to lay back while enjoying wine and listening to soft jazz music. In addition, seafood dining while accompanied by singer and acoustic waves are also an attraction who desire a quiet nightlife. The same situation will also be found in the Ubud area, it’s just more traditional.


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    Bali is a beautiful island in Indonesia

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