River Rafting in Bali, Where and How

River rafting Bali in Indonesia

At Bali in Indonesia, There are many river for rafting with various grade that indicates the level of difficulty and the challenges. The highest level rafting in Bali owned by Telaga Waja river, reach grade IV. Another river that can be used for rafting is the Ayung river. This river also has challenging terrain. Coupled with the path that passes through valleys and steep ravine, making the scenery along the river so beautiful.

Ayung River stretches from the Petang village, Badung regency, but also across at Kedewatan area in Ubud Bali. With track more than 12 kilometers, feels adrenaline among a swift river currents, snaking river valleys and among big rocks originating from volcanic eruption of Mount Agung. In addition, the green valleys and countryside villas located along the river also an exciting adventure.

Ayung river has become a favorite among water sport lovers for many years. This river also located not too far from Denpasar. To reach the start point of rafting, visitors spent only an hour away from Denpasar. One Bali water rafting start point is in the village Kedewatan, Ubud Bali. Click here to find hotels and accommodations near Ayung River. Or, if you want to stay around Ubud, click here to find the hotels.

Ayung River

Grade: II-III
Track length: 11 Km
Rafting duration: 1 hour
Cost: about USD79 for adult and USD52 for children
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Telaga Waja River

Grade: IV
Track length: 12,5 Km
Rafting duration: 2.5 hour
Cost: about USD79 for adult and USD52 for children
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Typically, the provider of river rafting Bali already provide shuttle-service from the hotel where you stay. Then in the location you will get a welcome drink, waterproof bag to protect your camera or other essential goods, buffet meals, towels, a place to change clothes and bathroom, as well as insurance with coverage up to USD50 thousand.

Rafting Tips:

  • Before you start rafting, you will get pants, helmet and safety jacket by the manager. Button up and tie it all well.
  • After wearing the equipment, by instructors who will accompany, you will given explanation about the basics of rafting: how to hold the paddle, how to float when you plunged into the water, how to hold the safety rope when in difficult situation, and special codes which will be used by instructors who will act as captain. At that time, the instructor will tell you about the track length and travel time. Keep well all of it.
  • During the rafting, be quiet. Listen to the each captain’s orders.


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