Travel Guide and Tips To Bali

Bali travel tips guide

Before you go to Bali, it’s better to know do and don’t things while you’re in Bali. Bali island has a unique conditions that are very different from what you normally encounter. You may find many surprising things in Bali. Read this short-useful traveling tips and guide while you in Bali.

  • It’s good to go to Bali at every seasons, because seasonal changes just makes little difference. But don’t go on Ramadan month because many domestic tourists are filling the resorts and other accommodations, and make the prices even more expensive. To get a cheaper price on room, please book it at 1-2 months before you go to Bali. Click here to find and books Bali hotels. You can also use the tools of “Find and Books Bali Hotels Now!” in the right side of this website to find and directly books hotels in Bali via
  • Bargain for the stuffs you want to buy, but don’t get too excited of it.
  • Please respect and polite to the local peoples. Indonesian people have great respect for decency.
  • Please enter an area in Kuta beach where the walking sellers will not disturb you by trying to sell you their goods.
  • Don’t swim too far in the sea, mind your unattended belonging in the beach.
  • Don’t swim outside the safe area, the current could be so strong and dangerous.
  • Get a local Tourist Guide to guide you when explore the island. Consult with your hotel to get a Tourist Guide.
  • If you want to taste real Balinese food with a very affordable price, go to warung ( a small roadside eatery) where you can find displayed food in glass cabinet. Choose the food you want to eat, and take your seat and enjoy it. You can pay after you finished with the food.
  • Change your money in reputable money changer, and use your own calculator before changing.
  • Use your sun block, drink a lot of water, and eat fresh fruits to avoid any dehydration and sun burning.
  • Mind your belonging at all times. Leave important stuffs such as passport to your hotel.
  • Don’t step on the ritual offering, but go around it.
  • Respect the slow phase of procession, don’t yell on them to get quick.
  • Don’t bring or use any drugs. Indonesia still has death penalty for those who convicted guilty in drugs matter.
  • For women, don’t enter a temple in your menstruation period.
  • Always wear sarong and shawl twisted in your hips when you’re in religious area such as Balinese temple. Consult with local officer at the temple to get these things.
  • Don’t walk in front of praying people.
  • Don’t use flash / push your camera in front of priest’s face.
  • At Ngaben ceremony, don’t get in the way of the ceremony participants.
  • Don’t touch somebody’s head, it’s an offensive for Hindu peoples.
  • Be careful, and look around if you’re about to cross a street.
  • If you want to rent a car or motorcycle, you must over 18 year and posses an international driving license for Asian countries.
  • Make sure you have travel or personal insurance that will cover you for any unpredictable happenings.
  • Learn the Rupiah currency (usually abbreviated as “Rp” or “IDR”). This Indonesian and Bali currency has a very low value, 1 American dollar (USD) is similar with around Rp 9,800.
    – Rupiah currency banknotes values: Rp 1,000; Rp 2,000; Rp 5000; Rp 10,000; Rp 20,000; Rp 50,000; Rp 100,000.
    – Rupiah currency coins values: Rp 100; Rp 200; Rp 500; Rp 1,000.

You can find list of public service and accommodation in Bali such as hotel, car rental, taxi, tour and travel agent, hospitals, etc in the previous article.


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