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Kuta Beach, Bali’s Tourism Icon

kuta beach

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  1. welly says:


  2. Brader says:

    tnx for this bali beach article very nice one, cheers.

  3. Julie Zimerman says:

    Good bali Kuta beach information as per usual, ty. I certainly hope this sort of thing gets more eyeballs.

  4. Abramovitz says:

    Good Day! My name is Ferdie. I just want to thank you for this post. My pal saw this site and she encourages me to view this page before heading to Bali. Well, i do not regret going here to think that your works are quite interesting and informative. Thanks for nice blog! Keep safe.

  5. ezy says:

    i remember in kuta bali, that is very beautiful island in indonesian.

  6. […] Bali kuta beach, bali’s tourism icon | bali bali beach Bali kuta beach is one of the clean and beautiful beach in bali. read this articles to get the tips and short guide to kuta beach with its facilities,. […]

  7. Bali is the most beautiful place in Indonesia…..

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