Kuta Beach, Bali’s Tourism Icon

kuta beach

If you mention “Kuta Bali“, everybody would know it. Kuta is one of the clean and beautiful beach in Bali. Its located at sub-district Kuta in Badung. Bali kuta became a famous tourist destination because of its waves that almost perfect to be a surfing place. This bali beach is the pioneers of Bali tourism. As an icon of tourism in  Indonesia, bali kuta beach became a meeting place for tourists from around the world including local tourists.

Before as a tourist attraction, Kuta is a trading port. This is where the produce of the local are traded to buyers from outside Bali. In the 19th century, Mads Lange, a Danish merchant, came to Bali and established a trading base in Kuta. His expertise in negotiating, making Mads Lange as a famous broker between the kings of Bali with the Dutch.

Hugh Mahbett also had published a book entitled “Praise to Kuta” which contained an invitation for local communities to set up tourist facilities. The goal, anticipating the tourist booming to Bali. The book was later to inspire many people to build tourist facilities such as lodging, restaurants and entertainment venues.

The main charm of Kuta beach is wide and sloping region, and the white sands. It lies on the west side to make this beach as a good place to enjoy the sunset. However, popularity makes Kuta Beach is not only at day times. This region is crowded for 24 hours almost every day.

Many activities that you will encounter in the afternoon on kuta beach are surfing in Bali, swimming, and sunbathe. In the evening you will find many people playing beach volleyball, football or just sit alongside a beach enjoying the beautiful sunset.

With its white sand, this bali beach offers a full joy holiday. Not only at afternoon and evening, even at night kuta beach still looks crowded. Places that never lonely, that’s the impression when you visit this area. Most of the stores and hotels around Kuta beach never empty of visitors.

bali kutaThe Bali Kuta beach has become a surfing world championship site. This beach has steal the surfers attention around the world. Not just for professionals, there are also many new-surfers who still learning to conquer the kuta beach waves.

After satisfied surfing, sunbathing, or just watch the sunset, you can try to get around on foot along the beach. There are also many souvenirs with various materials and shapes provided in Kuta beach, such as rings, earrings and various knick-knacks including clothes.

So when you’re in Bali, do not forget to visit on this beach,  not a complete vacation if you do not go to Kuta. No matter day or night, whenever you have a time, Kuta will always open for you.


You only take 10 minutes from Ngurah Rai international airport to Kuta Beach. You can go to the beach area at any time by taxi or private vehicle. If using the bus, they usually stops at Kuta Central Parking. From Central Parking, visitors can continue the journey toward the beach with a special public transportation, the tariff is about 1 USD.

Ticket Price

Kuta beach ticket price is free. If you come with personal vehicle, then you have to pay the parking cost at 10 cents – 50 cent USD per vehicle.

Accommodation and Facilities

Kuta Beach is usually crowded with visitors during the holiday season, ie July-August and December-January. Make sure you have already booked hotel in advance if you want to visit Kuta in these months.

As a famous tourism destination, Kuta has complete facilities. In this area you will easily find lodging from five-star hotel, guesthouse,  until beach hut. Some famous hotels near Kuta beach namely Bali Dynasty Resort, Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel, Santika Beach Premiere Hotel. Click here to find more hotel near Kuta beach. You can also easily find entertainment places such as cafes, bars, pubs, discotheques, or karaoke.

If you like to surfing but do not carry the surf equipment, you can rent the surf boards in many places scattered along the coast. The cost is about 5 -15 USD per hour. In addition, you will also receive brief training from the surfing instructor.

To maintain the visitor safety, Kuta Beach kept by at least 40 beach guards. They are spread across three posts and is divided into two groups. The first group on guard since 7 am until 2 pm, while the next group from 12 am till 7 pm.

For shopping lovers, there are many souvenir shops in Kuta area that sell handicrafts and accessories. There are stores that sell clothing and bikinies too. In this area, there are also many supermarkets, food stalls, and restaurants that serve a variety of cuisine with a variety of flavors. There is also Mc Donalds that open for 24 hours.

For cash, you can find ATM easily with international cards support.

Need to relax? there are masseurs who can simply flex your muscles for about 5 USD for half an hour and 10 USD for one hour. There is also temporary tattoos service, nail coloring service, and hair braiding service around the beach.

In Kuta there are many vehicles rental, such as car, motorcycles, to bicycles. Car rental rates vary depending on the type of vehicle. Usually about 60 USD per 24 hours, including the driver and fuel, or about 30 USD per 24 hours without driver and fuel. Motorcycle rental rate, between 5-10 US Dollars per day. Meanwhile, bike rental rate 3 USD per day.


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