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Ubud, What’s in There?

bali ubud

Ubud Bali is a tourist areas in Bali that abstinence to be missed. Ubud Bali is a famous place. Many of us who not yet visiting Ubud will wondering, what’s in Ubud? What makes this area very special?

Ubud Bali has many uniqueness. This cool area is a region that located in Gianyar regency. Ubud is consist of hills, paddy field, and Bali forest that still left naturally, the beauty charm that not easy to be missed. Are these natural charm is the only attraction of Ubud? Of course not because there are many more attraction offer by the region.

The other attractive and the most famous thing in Ubud is its art. Tourists can visit art galleries in Ubud to simply enjoy the beautiful paintings, or even buy one of these artworks. At night, arts performing like music and Bali dance can be enjoyed in every village corner. Tired of traveling around Ubud, tourists can stay in Ubud hotel. You can find most of these hotel Ubud around Nyuh Kuning street. This location is very easy to find. Some of the best hotels and accommodations at Ubud namely Royal Kamuela Villa, Villa Cempaka Hotel, Pertiwi Resorts And Spa, Alas Petulu Cottages, and Yulia Village Inn Hotel.

bali ubudTired traveling, you can enjoy the spa ubud. In Ubud, many hotels also providing spa facilities that comfortable enough to restore your freshness before traveled to all corners of Ubud again. You can visit the Museum Rudana too, more than 400 paintings and sculptures by artists from Bali at there. There is also Ubud monkey forest, a unique forest that crowded by monkey.

Puri Lukisan museum also an interesting place to visit. Various artworks, both painting and bali carving can be found in this museum. The artworks of local and foreign artists such as Rudolf Bonnet (settled in Bali) and of Walter Spies can be enjoyed in this museum. If you want to see the relics of the Ubud kingdom, you can visit the Puri Agung Ubud. Wanara wana and Pura Dalem Padangtegal are pretty good place too. This Bali temple will show us the beauty of an ornamental castle design with Balinese theme.

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