Seminyak, The Best Shopping Area in Bali

Seminyak Bali

If you have a Bali tour and like shopping, Seminyak is the proper place. Seminyak besides famous for its beautiful beaches is also one of the best shopping in Bali. This area also very close to Kuta beach. Goods that sells in this shopping area ranging from local Balinese products to import products with famous brand. So, if you can not fly to Singapore because of the ticket limitations, then Seminyak is the answer.

Seminyak shopping Bali located in the area near Seminyak beach. This location is very strategic because right in the heart of its tourist area. You will meet a lot of shops all the way to Seminyak beach.

What is sold in Seminyak Bali? Goods sold are very diverse but the majority is clothing. If you want to buy clothes like shirts, pants, dresses or other, you can try to come to “Biasa” shop. This store located on Seminyak highway. There are various types of clothing here, from dresses, tops, skirts, shirts, shorts or scarf. For more ‘teen’ choice, just try “Funky Princess” shop. This store provide fashionable clothing for girls, with a wide selection of colors, models or brands. In addition to those stores, there are many other clothing stores such as Lucy’s Batik that specialized in selling batik; Dragonfly Blue, Spicy, and Blue Glue that sells bikinies; Ali Charisma Boutique, or Paul Ropp.

One of Seminyak shop in BaliIn addition to clothing, shoes are goods that should be purchased while shopping in Seminyak. “Niluh Djelantik” provides a variety of shoes with unique designs. Shoes here are made by the store owner, from selection material and quality. This makes the shoes in the shop is so famous, there is even a Hollywood actress who shop at this place.

For bag lovers, there “Duna bag” shop that provides handmade bags made from canvas fabric and rattan decorated with paintings, wood, silver or beads. Because of handmade, the bags has a original and unique design. In addition, the stock is limited: one design only for one bag, so you don’t worry to have the same bag with another person. besides Duna bag, there are also Sabbatha Shop, Bamboo Blonde or Prasada.

Beside clothing, Seminyak shopping area also offer other items too, such as handicraft that sold in Geneva handicraft shops. Products that sold here not only Balinese handicraft, but also from Java with various materials. In addition there are several art shops such as craft gems or other wood crafts. If you want to stay around Seminyak, you can choose these hotels: The Seminyak Beach Resort & Spa, The Legian Bali Hotel, Ahimsa Estate, or just click here to find another hotels and Seminyak villas.

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